Construction Accident

Construction Accident Killed Worker Securing Trench

A construction worker in Washington, D.C., unfortunately died in a construction accident after a trench he was working on collapsed. He became trapped up to his waist in the dirt and subsequently died by asphyxiation, the Washington Post reports. At the time of the accident, the man had been working to prevent such incidents. He […]


The Most Common Workplace Injuries

The Most Common Workplace Injuries Workplace injuries can at times lead to high costs for the injured party. The law has taken this into account and workers’ compensation laws require for employers to have workers’ compensation insurance in order to cover for any workplace related injury. Unfortunately, workplace injuries can never be entirely avoided. Even […]


Firefighter Injured In A Freeway Fire

Firefighter Suffers Magnesium Burns In Line Of Duty On Wednesday morning, May 6th, at about 10:25, a 2005 Freightliner and a 2000 Chevy S10 pickup collided while southbound on the I-5. The collision took place just south of the Crosstown Freeway Interchange and blocked the middle two lanes, according to the California Highway Patrol. Thankfully, […]