Airplane Accidents

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Although travel by airplane is generally a safe method of transportation, sometimes accidents happen. Airplane accidents, also known as “aviation” and “aircraft” accidents, are any accidents occurring while passengers are onboard. Often, airplane accidents can end in catastrophic injuries, as well as death.

It is important to know that airplane accidents are not always large commercial airlines crashing, making national news. For commercial jets, Boeing’s statistics show that between 2006 and 2015 there were 386 accidents. Of these commercial airplane accidents, only 65 included fatalities. More often, airplane crashes occur in small, private jets.

In both categories of airline accidents, injured passengers may have strong claims against every responsible party. Because of the intricacy and complexity of airplane accidents, there are many parties who may be liable. This can include the pilot, airline company, manufacturer, and even the airport. A personal injury attorney can help you through the process of recovering for your airplane accident injuries.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

In the many factors that may be behind airplane crashes, the FAA lists several main causes, including:

  • Pilot’s loss of control
  • “Controlled flight into terrain” — where a pilot may become disoriented or otherwise unable to perceive mountains, the ground, and other obstacles
  • System failure
  • Flying at a low altitude
  • Low fuel
  • Mid-air collisions
  • High winds and thunderstorms

Boeing’s report shows that 49% of accidents occur during the final approach and landing. For small airplane accidents, NTSB data for 2014 similarly shows that most occur during approach and landing.

Recovery for Your Airplane Accident Injuries

After an airplane accident, whether on a commercial or small airplane, you may experience painful injuries. Many catastrophic injuries caused by airplane accidents can also have enduring consequences. These injuries may require lifelong medical attention. As well as physical injuries, airplane accidents can lead to great emotional distress. For all your injuries and even potential injuries, an attorney experienced in aviation accidents can help you recover all you deserve.

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