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Swimming Pools – Fun But Dangerous

Swimming pools are great to have around during the summer months, but unfortunately, they’re not all fun and games. In the United States, swimming pool’s are the cause of over 5000 injuries and nearly 1000 deaths to small children on a yearly basis. Accidents involving swimming pools happen due to negligent operation, security or improper maintenance. They result in possible brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and even deaths due to drowning.

The leading causes of swimming pool accidents, which may result in serious injuries or death, are: improper operating procedures; improper safety equipment; improper implementation of safety rules; lack of supervision; inadequate fencing; failure to cover the pools; pools too shallow; inadequate warning signs; and etc. Majority of these are due to negligent property owners who do not take the reasonable steps necessary to make their property and their pools safe. For example, imagine you are at a hotel with your family. As you are walking by the hotel pool, your child wanders too close to the edge, slips and falls in. If the hotel pool did not have proper fencing and supervision, then the establishment may be liable for any injury that your child sustains from the fall.

How a Swimming Pool Accident Attorney can help you

Recovery from swimming pool accidents may include medical expenses, emotional trauma, lost wages, etc. If you have been injured in a swimming pool accident, you should contact a Swimming Pool Accident Attorney. She can help you review all available options.

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