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What is Legal Malpractice?

Legal malpractice is defined as when an attorney fails to comply with the standards of practice required, and such failure results in harm to the client.

Attorneys, like any other professionals, are held to high standards of performance and excellence. It is important that such standards are upheld. This ensures the best possible legal representation for yourself or a loved one.

If an attorney has failed to meet that standard or has disregard for such a caliber or work, legal consequences will follow. Having represented clients for over twenty years in various areas of law, here, at the Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim, we are equipped to readily identify where your previous attorney may have gone wrong. If you believe you or a loved one was harmed as a result of your attorney’s failure or incompetence, you may be able to pursue a legal malpractice claim.

Do I Really Need Another Attorney?

Attorneys are held to a high caliber of work. Any failure to comply with such standards are detrimental not only to you but to the community. We can advise you on what your strongest course of action is for your legal malpractice claim.

Hiring an attorney can be a time-consuming and expensive process, but if you are represented appropriately, it is beneficial to all parties involved. When you are inadequately represented, you may feel like you have been taken advantage of for placing your trust in someone. You should not have to deal with the harm and consequences of your attorney’s mistakes and betrayal of your trust.

Here, at the Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim, we will provide you with the legal representation you deserve with a Professional Malpractice Attorney and aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve.

Was I a Victim of Legal Malpractice?

An unwanted outcome of a previous lawsuit does not in itself equate to legal malpractice. Legal malpractices require that your attorney failed to comply with the standard of care implemented by the California State Bar. If you are questioning if you had incompetent legal representation, here are some points to consider:

  • Did your attorney miss required deadlines?
  • Were you charged for legal services that were never rendered?
  • Was your attorney able to provide proof or documentation of their qualifications?
  • Did your attorney make guarantees that they failed to accomplish?
  • Did your lawyer fail to effectively defend your position?
  • Was you case settled without your consent by your attorney?
  • Did your attorney engage in any illegal misconduct during your relationship?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may have a claim for legal malpractice.

Legal Malpractice Attorneys that can help

We’ve Been Fighting for Legal Malpractice Victims for 20+ Years. Serving Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. At the Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim, we aggressively protect our client’s rights and fight for the maximum compensation available. Our Professional Malpractice Attorney in California have the experience and skills that you need to get results in your legal malpractice lawsuit.

If you believe you or a loved one has experienced mistreatment from hired legal representation, wait no longer to contact us. Call us right now at 800-LAW-TALK (1-800-529-8255), or fill out the form below.

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