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June 20, 2019

“After I got my car accident, I thoroughly researched to find the most competent, hard working attorney with tons of experience to help w/my case–and I came across Sharona. It’s hard to find an attorney who actually sticks to their word when they say they’ll do this and that to help with you, but ultimately goes back on their word after you’ve retained them. That is absolutely not the case w/Sharona. Not only did she keep her word, she went above and beyond what I could’ve possibly imagined when I first even considered hiring an attorney. Sharona single-handedly affirmed my belief in the fact that assistance from an experienced attorney is the best possible route to take to protect yourself after having to go through a horrifying traumatic car accident. It was immediately clear she has been doing this for over 2 decades, knew the right questions to ask, how to explain the process/what to expect throughout her representation, and most importantly, she did it in a way that a non-legal person would clearly understand and she was beyond patient and compassionate in every contact I had with her.

Not only is Sharona all of these things, but all the above absolutely applies to her staff and associate attorney. Every time I called and spoke to someone, whether it was Sharona, her associate, or her staff, I always truly felt like they genuinely cared about my traumatic experience and my overall well-being. When I spoke to other, larger, firms, it was obvious that they had more cases/work than they could handle, which translates into MY case falling b/w the cracks and generally neglected. This is not the case w/Sharona, I could honestly FEEL the persistence/aggressiveness of her legal tactics in achieving the goal of restoring me to a position I was in before the accident.

To conclude, I’d highly recommend Sharona for any and all personal injury cases anyone might have. I honestly believed that, out of all attorneys I came across while researching, Sharona was the one that could get the most out of the whole situation for me. She got me a settlement that not only covered all (many) of my medical bills, car damage repair costs, car rental reimbursement (she didn’t even take a cut for this! The entire amount the insurance company sent was given directly to me, and doing this is not a quick, easy process, so this alone reflects volumes of the morality of Sharona as an attorney), but she was able to get enough in my settlement that there was a significant amount leftover to cover the pain and emotional suffering I endured bc of the accident.

I can guarantee you will not regret hiring Sharona for any and all of your personal injury issues.


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