Daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears Recovers from ATV Accident

February 27, 2017

A scary ATV (all-terrain vehicle) accident involving Maddie Aldridge, daughter of singer and actress Jamie Lynn Spears, two weeks ago is now getting a happy ending. After the 8 year old drove her ATV into a lake she nearly drowned, and doctors and family feared she might suffer permanent damage. Now People reports that Maddie is on her way to a full recovery and was even able to go to school to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her classmates.

Maddie may have gotten lucky —family friends call her recovery a “miracle” — but ATVs are dangerous machines, and accidents result in serious injuries, and often cause death.

ATVs Are Fun — Accidents Are Not

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, from 2001 to 2012, the yearly number of ATV-related deaths ranged from around 500 up to 800. Children under 16 account for about one-fifth of these deaths.

Unlike ordinary cars, golf carts and motorcycles, ATVs are not meant to be ridden on roads. Their wheels are meant for dirt and other types of rugged terrain. They should not be ridden on roads with other cars. Approximately 33% of ATV accidents occur on paved roads, and another 19% on unpaved roads. Accidents on other types of terrain are much less common.

Staying Safe While Having Fun on ATVs

People of all ages, including children, ride ATVs for fun, but to fully enjoy the experience drivers must be careful. As with any potentially dangerous machine, it is important to follow safety instructions before riding an ATV.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends these safety precautions:

  • Use a helmet and other protective gear
  • Get training from a qualified instructor
  • Ride ATVs designed for your age group

On a positive note, ATV accidents will rarely involve more people than the riders. Unlike the average car or bike accident, ATVs are generally ridden in clear areas without many people around to injure. But on the flipside, injuries from crashed ATVs are still very serious.

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