airbag injuries airbag recall

Airbag Recall Affecting Millions of Vehicles

When you drive a car, or ride in someone else’s car, you assume it is built safely. However, there is currently a recall for airbags in cars produced by 19 different automakers, according to Consumer Reports. This massive recall in the auto industry has been increasing for the last two years. In the first few […]

Lab Experiment Accident

School Lab Experiment Causes Injuries

Lab experiments are both educational and fun, but a recent chemistry lab gone wrong left five students injured. During the experiment at a Glendale school, a beaker exploded. The shattering glass gave the students serious cuts and more minor scratches. The experiment was part of an after-school STEM class for middle school and high school […]

Exploding Batteries

E-Cigarette Battery Explodes — While Attorney Argues Arson Trial

In what could be the greatest pun in recent history, an attorney’s pants started smoking while he was in court defending an arson suspect. Could the “liar, liar, pants on fire” tale be true? Whether it was a lie that caught his pants on fire or not, NBC News reports that the fire was caused […]

atv accident

Daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears Recovers from ATV Accident

A scary ATV (all-terrain vehicle) accident involving Maddie Aldridge, daughter of singer and actress Jamie Lynn Spears, two weeks ago is now getting a happy ending. After the 8 year old drove her ATV into a lake she nearly drowned, and doctors and family feared she might suffer permanent damage. Now People reports that Maddie […]


GM Recalls Ignition Switches

A Faulty Ignition Switch Can Spell Tragedy Last year, on February 7, 2014, General Motors Co. recalled approximately 800,000 vehicles. The recall was later expanded with over 600,000 vehicles on February 24, and over 820,000 vehicles on March 28. In all, GM recalled a total of nearly 2.6 million cars, all due to problems with […]


What Is Lemon Law?

Is Your Car Considered A Lemon? Have you ever purchased a new car and could tell straight off that something wasn’t right? Whether it is the brakes, the steering, or some sort of a smell that just won’t go away, there just seems to be something wrong with your brand new car. You may have […]