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What Can the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You?

March 04, 2024

In a nutshell, the best personal injury attorney obtains vastly higher settlements for accident victims. Much to the chagrin of insurance companies, the average attorney-guided settlement is over three times higher than the average nonlawyer-guided settlement. Compensation in a personal injury case usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

A personal injury matter isn’t only about money. In fact, in most cases, a personal injury claim is not even primarily about money. Fundamentally, injury claims compel tortfeasors (negligent actors) to face the music and accept responsibility for their mistakes. If you got severely injured in a construction accident, you can file a claim. Such responsibility and understanding makes our world a better place.

Settlement is not a result but a process. Major milestones in this process are highlighted below. The best personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim is with victims every step of the way. This relationship includes standing up for you in court and proactively communicating with you.

Arrange for Medical Treatment

Many personal injuries, especially vehicle collision-related injuries, are difficult to diagnose and treat. Whiplash is a good example.

Most standard diagnostic tests, like X-ray machines, don’t detect this soft tissue injury that affects the cervical spine. The violent back-and-forth and to-and-fro motion of a vehicle collision, even a low-speed collision, stretches and damages nerves in this area.

Initial whiplash symptoms, such as neck soreness, closely resemble accident shock symptoms. So, instead of treating the victim’s whiplash, the doctor often tells the victim to take two and call me in the morning. As a result, the nerve injuries degenerate and often cause permanent paralysis.

The best personal injury lawyer has professional relationships with doctors who focus on injury-related conditions. They know how to diagnose and treat whiplash and other injuries.

This level of specialized care costs a lot of money. In fact, the average injury-related medical bill exceeds $40,000. Attorneys obtain the above compensation so victims can pay these bills and move forward.

How the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Builds a Solid Case

Compensation is available if the victim/plaintiff proves negligence (a lack of care) by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not). Evidence not only builds a solid case. Usually, the more evidence a victim/plaintiff presents, the more compensation jurors award. So, evidence is crucial in a personal injury claim.

Usually, attorneys rely on a combination of documentary evidence, eyewitness testimony, and expert testimony.

Documentary proof includes medical records and, if available, the police accident report. Usually, accident reports are only available in major car wreck cases. Medical records, however, are almost always available. Usually, medical bills are the largest component of a personal injury settlement.

Eyewitness testimony is good. Credible eyewitness testimony is better. Even an average insurance company lawyer can quickly dismantle shaky eyewitness testimony. Sometimes the eyewitness is a thing, like a surveillance camera, instead of a person.

Usually, expert testimony is the icing on the cake. Accident reconstruction professionals connect the dots for jurors in car crashes and other such cases. Medical experts testify that treating physicians performed reasonably necessary services.

Favorably Resolve Your Claim

The evidence collection process usually continues right until the end. Typically, the best personal injury lawyers use focus groups and mock juries to identify weak points in their cases, so they can shove them up before trial.

Most personal injury matters, over 98 percent of them in fact, don’t go to trial. Instead, they settle out of court, usually with the help of a professional mediator.

Judges usually appoint mediators and charge them with enforcing a duty to negotiate in good faith. This duty isn’t quite “don’t come out of the room until you’ve reached an agreement,” but it’s close. The duty to negotiate in good faith partially explains mediation’s high success rate, which usually exceeds 90 percent.

Additionally, both sides want to avoid the risk of a trial, where no one knows what will happen. Insurance companies usually have a financial settlement incentive as well. Many of the best insurance defense lawyers charge thousands of dollars an hour.

So, the situation is ripe for a favorable settlement. The insurance company is backed into a corner and it cannot simply go through the motions during negotiations. Nevertheless, only the best personal injury lawyer can cash in on this opportunity.

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