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Tragedy at Ohio State Fair—One Dead, Several Injured

August 09, 2017

It was a nightmare-come-true at the Ohio State Fair in July 2017 when a thrill ride malfunctioned.

The Fire Ball is one of America’s most popular fairground thrill rides. Its claw holds several rows of 4 seats each. The claw then spins while swinging back and forth like a pendulum. The Fire Ball is made by a Dutch company called KMG, and it’s sold all over the world.

During the tragic accident, one entire row snapped, detached, and fell off the claw. The force of the swing sent passengers hurtling towards the ground at around 40mph. Meanwhile, another row of passengers slipped out of their seats and fell to the ground as well.

Several people screamed as they watched it all happen, helpless and in shock. Some of those people were waiting in line for their turn on the ride at the time. No doubt, they all shared the same thought—that could have been me.

18-year-old Tyler Jarrell died from his fall. He was supposed to start his senior year at Franklin Heights High School this year.  7 more people were also injured from their 20-foot fall to the concrete.

Cause of Tragedy at Ohio State Fair is Unclear

According to reports, the Fire Ball had been inspected 3 to 4 times in the 2 days before the tragedy. In fact, the Fire Ball had even been inspected by a third party. So where did it all go wrong?

The tragedy at the Ohio State Fair is still under investigation. Authorities plan to perform an “autopsy” on the machine to figure out what exactly went wrong. Obviously, someone, somewhere in the process, messed up. And, unfortunately, it ended up in tragedy, killing one person and injuring several more.

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