Motorcyclist Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

April 25, 2017

In a tragic moment, a motorcyclist was recently killed by a van in a hit-and-run accident in Santa Ana. The accident occurred when the van made a left turn in front of the motorcyclist too quickly for the motorcycle to stop, reports KTLA 5. Despite being required to yield to the motorcyclist who was driving straight, the van’s driver did not stop after the accident.

This accident emphasizes the dangers of riding motorcycles. But just because motorcycles can be dangerous, it does not mean that riders deserve their injuries. An attorney experienced in motorcycle accidents can help in minor accidents as well as wrongful deaths, such as happened in this accident.

Preventing Car-Motorcycle Accidents

Every year, about 4600 motorcyclists die in car crashes, according to statistics by the Insurance Information Institute. The good news is, something as easy as wearing a helmet saves another 1600 motorcyclist lives a year.

Both motorcyclists and other drivers on the road can work to prevent motorcycle accidents. The most important way to prevent accidents is to pay attention to other drivers on the road. Motorcyclists are often known for weaving between traffic, but even when they are driving safely, other drivers may not see them. Following simple rules (and laws) can easily prevent motorcycle accidents, including:

  • Signaling before turning or changing lanes
  • Checking all your mirrors before changing lanes
  • Stopping before turning into oncoming traffic
  • Driving slowly on crowded roads and highways

Fault and Recovery in Motorcycle Accidents

 As in other vehicle accidents, recovery for motorcycle accidents in part depends on which party was the most at fault. When the driver of the car caused the motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist has a stronger claim. Sometimes both driver and rider will be partially at fault. But even if the motorcyclist was a partial cause of the motorcycle accident, a personal injury attorney can help motorcyclists navigate medical, insurance, and any other legal issues resulting from the accident.

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