E-Scooter Accident Do’s and Don’ts

March 23, 2020

Electric scooters and other such vehicles are not just a fad. The global e-scooter market is expected to exceed $40 billion per year by 2030. For many people, these vehicles offer the ideal combination of convenience, fresh air, and eco-friendliness.

Note we did not include “safety” in that list. Generally, the force of the collision throws riders off their bikes. Because of the resulting head injuries, many of these victims are not thinking clearly in the moments after the crash. So, our Los Angeles vehicle collision lawyers put together a brief do and don’t list. If you ever ride an e-scooter, keep reading.

DO Go to the Doctor

Another common feature with head injuries is that they are almost impossible to self-diagnose. Most of these victims “feel fine.” That’s why athletes with concussions often beg their coaches to let them back in the game. So, do not refuse emergency treatment at the scene. 

Even if the emergency physician gives you a clean bill of health, do not drop the matter. Head injuries are very hard to diagnose. That’s especially true regarding vehicle collision head injuries. When you have a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer review your case, the lawyer can refer you to a doctor. Most likely, this doctor routinely works with accident victims.

DON’T Talk to the Other Insurance Company

For some reason, many people believe they must give statements to the other driver’s insurance company in the wake of an accident. Legally, that’s usually not true. Pragmatically, it’s a bad idea.

Insurance company telephone adjusters may seem friendly. But these professionals know how to extract damaging information in a very subtle way. And, since these calls are always recorded “for quality purposes,” your own words could be used against you later.

Instead, let your Los Angeles e-scooter crash lawyer handle this call. The insurance company can wait a couple of days to update its file.

DON’T Say “I’m Sorry”

In everyday life, apologies usually express sympathy. We usually tell our spouses “I’m sorry” if they have bad days at work, even though that situation was not our fault (at least in most cases). Many people assume that an apology after a crash expresses the same thing.

But in this context, an apology could be an admission of liability. These statements could be admissible later as statements against interest. So, instead of saying “I’m sorry,” try to say something like “I’m sorry this happened” or “How can I help you?”

DO Contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Even if an emergency responder said you were at fault or gives you a ticket, always have a lawyer evaluate your case. The law in this area is extremely unsettled. It’s common for well-meaning first responders to be mistaken about the law. Many Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have a hard time getting it right.

Additionally, there is often a difference between fault at the scene and liability for damages. A legal doctrine, such as sudden emergency or contributory negligence, could affect the liability issue.

E-scooter accident victims should be careful about what they say and do after crashes. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, contact the Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim. You have a limited amount of time to act.

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