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How Do I Find a Good Car Accident Lawyer?

October 10, 2023

Attorneys are not optional in personal injury cases, unless a victim is willing to settle for less. Lawyer-negotiated settlements are more than three times higher than non-lawyer-negotiated settlements. Car crash victims, and other personal injury victims, usually sustain serious injuries. Unless they get every penny, they’re unable to pay medical bills and otherwise move on with their lives.

Almost any lawyer could negotiate a personal injury settlement if the issues are simple. But Personal Injury Claims are almost never simple. Instead, they involve complex legal issues. Only good Car Accident Injury Lawyers in California can negotiate favorable settlements in these situations. How do you tell the difference between a good lawyer and an average lawyer? Focus on the three areas listed below.


Usually, more is better, but that’s not always the case. Many people believe a lawyer from a large, multistate firm will do a better job than a local attorney. 

Big firm lawyers are often inaccessible. Frequently, instead of taking primary responsibility for your case, these lawyers hide behind less-experienced associates and non-attorney paralegals. 

Your lawyer should be your lawyer. When you have questions or concerns, your attorney should address them. Furthermore, to ensure quality, your attorney should do most of the day-to-day work in the case. Your lawyer should definitely appear at all court hearings and negotiation sessions.


The late, great Grant Cooper, who represented RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan in the late 1960s, was an accessible and experienced lawyer. He was with Sirhan the whole time and he had decades of experience. 

But Cooper was a celebrity lawyer, not a dedicated criminal lawyer. He only represented high-profile clients. As a result, he may have overlooked some weaknesses in the state’s case against Sirhan. The possible defenses might not have changed the verdict, but they almost certainly would’ve reduced Sirhan’s punishment.

Only dedicated Top-Rated California Car Accident Lawyers who accept big and small cases properly analyzes them and builds solid claims.


We saved what might be the most important quality in a Personal Injury Lawyer for last. In short, there’s no substitute for experience. But don’t put too much stock in this quality. Experience can be deceiving.

Your attorney’s experience should include a successful track record. A football team that lost all its games last year and returns all its starters this year is experienced. But this experience doesn’t mean the team will win. In fact, it probably means the team will lose again. The right lawyer makes a big difference. 

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