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Cataclysmic Car Crash in Windsor

August 18, 2022

One emergency responder said the crash scene looked like “a war zone.” According to investigators, a woman blew through a red light, demolishing a passing vehicle. The collision caused a massive explosion which, according to witnesses, sounded like an exploding bomb. The force of the wreck threw a child from a vehicle to a nearby gas station. “One lady took the baby that was ejected, she was running into the store with the child, but you could tell there was no life there,” a witness remarked.

Altogether, the crash killed six and left eight hospitalized. The crash involved six to seven vehicles, three of which caught on fire. The woman now faces multiple criminal charges, including several vehicular manslaughter charges.

Getting Help After a Crash

The best Los Angeles personal injury attorneys always put first things first. So, after a Windsor car crash, especially one as catastrophic as the one in the above story, we immediately help victims start putting their lives back together.

This process usually starts with effective medical treatment. All doctors have similar backgrounds, but they don’t all have the same experience. 

If your foot hurts, you don’t see a proctologist. Instead, you go to a podiatrist. Likewise, if you were hurt in a car wreck, a general practice doctor may not be the right choice. Instead, you should go to a Windsor Hills car crash injury doctor. Attorneys connect victims with such doctors. As a bonus, these physicians usually charge nothing upfront for their services.

Vehicle repair or replacement is almost as important. The sun rises the next day, which means the kids still need to get to school, there are still errands to run, and so on. So, we connect victims with mechanics and other providers. Usually, these professionals don’t charge anything upfront either.

Furthermore, victims who work with lawyers get the replacement transportation they need, as opposed to the replacement transportation an insurance adjuster is willing to pay for.

Your Claim for Compensation

Accident-related bills must be paid eventually. So, during your initial consultation, we not only take care of immediate needs. We also look to the immediate future and obtaining compensation for your injuries.

Before the case goes to court, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer must use solid evidence to build a strong foundation. If this foundation is weak, the insurance company’s big, bad wolf can huff and puff and blow the house down.

If the evidence in the case, along with some legal theories, establishes negligence, or a lack of care, compensation is available. This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Additional punitive damages may be available as well, in some extreme cases.

Most civil claims settle out of court, but most of them don’t settle right away. In fact, the legal process is often long and frustrating for everyone involved. Rest assured that, no matter how long the case takes, your lawyer’s commitment to maximum compensation doesn’t change.

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