Construction Accident Killed Worker Securing Trench

March 20, 2017

A construction worker in Washington, D.C., unfortunately died in a construction accident after a trench he was working on collapsed. He became trapped up to his waist in the dirt and subsequently died by asphyxiation, the Washington Post reports. At the time of the accident, the man had been working to prevent such incidents. He had been part owner of the construction company. Increasing the tragedy of the accident, the man rarely worked on construction sites anymore.

High Risk in Construction Excavation Accidents

Unfortunately, construction site accidents are all too common. According to OSHA, this cave-in accident is one of the most common types of excavation accidents. Collapsing trenches cause dozens of deaths every year, as well as many more non-fatal injuries.

OSHA sets various standards of compliance for safe trenches in construction sites. Safety standards involve the way trenches are made and designed, means of exiting the trench, and inspection requirements regarding water and soil conditions.

However, even when protective measures are taken to prevent injuries by collapsing trenches, accidents still happen. Often no one is at fault for cave-ins, which are caused by a variety of natural factors. Therefore, individual workers and employers should all take care that all aspects of a construction site are safe.

Recovery for Personal Injuries in Construction Accidents

As a workplace accident, construction site accidents are often covered under worker’s compensation claims. Depending on the conditions of the accident, other legal remedies may also be available. With an experienced attorney to help you, you can recovery everything you are owed for a construction accident, as well as accidents ending in wrongful death.

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