Car Crashes

Playa Del Rey Crash Causes Multiple Fatalities

July 08, 2024

Investigators believe that a driver passed out behind the wheel in the moments before the vehicle careened out of control, causing a crash that killed two people.

Four juveniles were inside one of the cars. One of them died at the scene, and the other died at the hospital. Their exact ages were not known. The other two juveniles and a woman believed to be in her 30s, who was in the other car, were also taken to the hospital

No other details were available.

Driver Impairment and Car Crashes

Serious medical conditions, like heart disease, epilepsy, and diabetes, cause drivers to lose consciousness behind the wheel. When that happens, their vehicles spin out of control. There’s no telling what might happen next. Moderate medical conditions, such as colds and flu, are almost as serious. These conditions and their symptoms, like watery eyes, reduce driving ability by up to 50 percent.

Despite these serious effects, many people drive while sick or even drive when they have serious medical conditions and think nothing of it. Other kidneys of driver impairment include:

  • Drowsiness: Severe fatigue adversely affects judgment and slows reaction times. So, drowsy drivers make bad decisions and cannot compensate for them before they cause crashes. Chewing gum and other quick fixes don’t address these effects.
  • Alcohol/Drug Use: This kind of impairment had been declining before the pandemic lockdowns. When roads emptied, many drivers picked up bad habits, like drinking and driving or smoking marijuana and driving. The impairing effects of these substances usually begin with the first puff or sip.
  • Distraction: Hand-held electronic devices, which are illegal to use in California, cause drivers to take their eyes off the road (visual distraction), hands off the wheel (manual distraction), and minds off driving (cognitive distraction). Non-device distractions, like eating while driving, are almost as bad.

Combined, these five kinds of driver impairment cause about 50 percent of car crashes in Los Angeles. Because these tortfeasors (negligent drivers) know they shouldn’t get behind the wheel and drive anyway, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can usually obtain substantial compensation in these cases.

Car Crash Liability

Compensation for injuries is available if a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer proves negligence or a lack of care by a preponderance of the evidence, or more likely than not.

Impaired drivers almost always breach the duty of reasonable care. This legal responsibility requires motorists to be at their best, mentally, physically, and otherwise when they get behind the wheel. People with clouded minds and slower-than-normal reflexes should never operate heavy machinery.

A third party, like an employer, may be financially responsible for damages. The respondeat superior rule applies if the tortfeasor was an employee who was working in the course and scope of employment at the time of the wreck.

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