Airbag Recall Affecting Millions of Vehicles

April 18, 2017

When you drive a car, or ride in someone else’s car, you assume it is built safely. However, there is currently a recall for airbags in cars produced by 19 different automakers, according to Consumer Reports. This massive recall in the auto industry has been increasing for the last two years. In the first few months of 2017, Ford and Toyota added over a million more cars to the expansive recall list.

To prevent injury to yourself, check if your car’s airbag has been recalled. If it has, go to your dealer as soon as you can. Your car dealer will be able to replace your airbag for free, making sure that you can drive safely.

Airbag Recalls Are for Your Safety

When any company chooses to recall a product, it is because many people have already been injured by the same defect. Therefore, when a car maker does a safety recall, it is extremely important to ensure your own car’s safety. Especially for airbag recalls, getting your car checked and having your dealer replace your airbag can save your life. Airbags are supposed to save you from injuries in car accidents, so they need to be working properly.

ABC 7 reports that in the current recall, in California alone three people have died due to the malfunctioning airbags. Rather than saving passengers in vehicles, the airbags explode and cause further injury. The exploding airbags have resulted in metal pieces flying at passengers and drivers.

Legal Help for Your Airbag Injuries

Recalled products are a special type of product liability injury. With product recalls, a manufacturer knows that a product is defective, so they may be liable for your injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help walk you through the process of getting compensation for your injuries caused by a defective airbag.

If you or a loved one was injured by a defective airbag, contact a personal injury attorney to help you. To schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer experienced in product liability personal injuries, contact the Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim in Los Angeles County. Call 800-LAW-TALK (529-8255) or contact us online.

Photo Credit: P. Sableman via Flickr and Wiki / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

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