School Bus Crashes, Injuring Students

February 15, 2017

Earlier this week a school bus crash in Lancaster left everyone in the hospital instead of at school. To make the situation worse, the eight students on the bus were special-needs students. The bus crashed into a Cadillac, rolled, and hit a light pole. The students suffered only minor injuries, but the other driver was left in critical condition.

School Bus Crashes Have Serious Consequences

The good news is fatal accidents in bush crashes appear to be declining, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Unfortunately, of the fatal bus crashes, 41 percent involved school buses. Additionally, the number of bus crashes leading to nonfatal injuries are still fluctuating and may be on the rise.

Even these nonfatal injuries can be serious. Ordinary car accidents are hard enough to deal with, but being involved in a bus crash can be even more difficult. School bus crashes involving yourself or your child can also be emotionally trying, on top of the physical injury. What’s more, bus crash injuries can feel unjust. Not only were you not driving, but what could you have done to prevent it?

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

There is at least one precaution you can take to prevent serious injuries in bus crashes. Unlike the days when yellow school buses were protected only with large seats, new school buses in California are now required to be equipped with seat belts. They may not be able to prevent school bus crashes, but seat belts save lives.

Still, the short and the long-term injuries from school bus crashes can be hard on the body, heart, and wallet. When these accidents happen, there can be a lot of people and a mountain of paperwork to deal with. You may feel lost in the process when all you want is to heal, but help is available.

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Photo Credit: A. Niemimäki, Finland via Wiki and Flickr / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

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