One Accident, Several Children Hospitalized

May 18, 2016

Children Were Injured In A Catastrophic Crash

A single moment of impact can irrevocably change your life. You can be just standing on the sidewalk, waiting to cross, not even involved in the initial car accident, and yet the following moments may lead to you being injured and suffering from unforeseen expenses.

On Wednesday, March 18th, in Lancaster, at approximately 6:40pm, a Maserati was traveling northbound when a Chevy Impala, which was making a left turn in front of the Maserati, collided with it, leading to a chain reaction and multiple injuries.

After the initial impact, a Ford Fusion then struck the Chevy, causing the Maserati to spin into a pole on the street corner and strike the four pedestrians standing there, children between the ages of 2 and 14. Reports claim that a total of seven people were injured due to the motor vehicle accident with the Maserati driver being in critical condition and 2 of 4 children having suffered serious injuries. And who’s to blame? Would it be the driver of the Maserati?

Eye witnesses stated that the light had just cycled to yellow so the Maserati had the right of way as far as the LA County Sheriff’s Department can tell. Does this mean that the driver of the Chevy Impala is liable? Or perhaps weather conditions could be blamed? Several reports stated that there was a warning for a severe thunderstorm that had been issued for the area, but it is unclear whether the weather played any part in the auto accident. As it stands, seven lives were severely impacted due to a single initial collision.

Sharona Hakim

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