Is Your Insurance Company Putting You In Danger?

May 18, 2016

Are our car insurance companies possibly responsible for car accidents? In February of this year, CNN reported on a breach of trust on the part of our can insurance agencies. According to the news, repair shops claim that car insurance companies coerce them into using cheaper parts when fixing the cars, after a vehicular accident, in order to minimize the money the companies have to pay. This leads to the repair shops at times using already damaged parts when fixing up cars.

Reports further claim that the insurance companies are steering policyholders towards specific repair shops where they know they can bend the rules. Bending the rules like this, if true, can lead to thousands of people driving around in cars that are not roadworthy, putting the drivers themselves and possibly pedestrians in danger. This, if true, may mean that the insurance companies are negligent and therefore liable in cases of personal injury claims or monetary damages. Nonetheless, the insurance companies themselves deny all allegations. State Farm Insurance, for example, has stated that their customers choose where to get their cars fixed. Moreover, it has been stated that using substandard parts is in fact not in the companies economic interest as it may lead to cars going to the repair shot several times due to multiple accidents, causing the company to pay out even more.

As it stands, though the major car insurance companies have denied any and all allegations, more that 500 car repair shops from 36 different stats are banding together in a lawsuit against the top insurers. If these claims are found to be true it can open the door for further action against the car insurance companies, in regards to any accident involving one of the ineffectively repaired cars.

Sharona Hakim

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