Head-On Collision Kills Four

May 18, 2016

When A Movie Scene Becomes A Horror Story

We always see the scenes in movies where they are driving against opposing traffic, skillfully evading all cars. It always seems fun and risky, the perfect and thrilling action sequence. But we never think that it will happen in the real world. In the real world, such negligent driving can have catastrophic consequences.

On May 2, this movie sequence became a real life horror story for a family of 4. That Saturday evening, a police officer was going northbound on the slow lane of the I-505 highway. At around 10:20pm, the office saw a Honda Accord driving towards him on the fast lane. The Honda sped past him and missed two cars before colliding head-on with a Toyota Camry. The Toyota had a family of 4 within: a husband and wife, and two daughters. Only the husband survived. Reports say that at the speed at which the cars were going at the time of the collision, it wouldn’t have mattered if any of the passengers were wearing their seatbelt or not. The driver of the Honda also died in the car crash. The police report that with wrong-way drivers, there is usually alcohol or drugs involved. It is yet unknown if the Honda driver was intoxicated or high at the time of the car accident.

This sort of car accidents are not as rare as one would believe however. According to Highway Patrol statistics wrong-way drivers killed 27 people in 2011 and injured 768. The numbers have fluctuated over the years but never lessened: 2012 saw 53 fatalities and 930 injuries attributed to wrong-way drivers; 2013 saw 44 fatalities and 887 injuries; and 2014 saw 61 fatalities and 861 injuries.

ighway car crashes tend to take place at very high speeds, therefore collisions tend to have a great deal of force behind them, especially in cases of wrong-way drivers as it is a head-on collision. As such, highway car accidents can lead to catastrophic consequences, from severe injuries to even death. However, due to the negligence of the wrong-way driver, those injured in such car accidents may be able to recover for their losses.

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