Fireworks Injury

Fireworks Cause Serious Injuries, Possible Amputation

July 03, 2017

With 4th of July celebrations, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. Spending time with your family and friends. Chants of “Murica!” in the air. Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” playing in the background. Of course, also, watching your neighbors (or you) compete to put on the biggest, baddest fireworks show. It’s even easier to get lost in the excitement when alcohol is involved, which, let’s be honest, it pretty much always is.
That’s probably why people forget what fireworks really are. Explosives.

Fireworks are Pretty, but they’re still Explosives

This past 4th of July alone, several people—including some children—were seriously injured as a result of playing with fireworks. A man in Chicago was killed when he lit a firework, then bent his head over to check it when it didn’t ignite as fast as he expected it to. Men in Illinois, Massachusetts, and North Dakota lost their fingers or their entire hands when fireworks exploded in their hands.
What’s worse is when people who aren’t doing the actual deed of lighting the fireworks are the ones who get injured, especially when the victims are children. In San Bernardino this past week, 3 children were hospitalized after an explosion left one kid with serious gashes on his head, jaw, and torso and another with possible amputation. The kids were 8 to 10 years old. In Iowa, a mother and her one-month-old baby were hospitalized when a firework launched horizontally instead of vertically. Luckily, the mother was able to drop her baby into a blanket before the firework struck her and exploded. In Anaheim, California, an apartment building caught fire because of fireworks malfunctioning on the balcony.

Fireworks Injury Attorney

As with any serious injuries, fireworks-related injuries have lifelong consequences for the injured party. Lighting fireworks is dangerous and, in some places, illegal. If you have been injured by someone who was lighting fireworks, you could have a legal claim against them. A personal injury lawyer experienced in fireworks-related injuries can help you get all the compensation you deserve from the person responsible.
If you or a loved one were injured in a fireworks accident, contact an attorney to help you. Schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer experienced in fireworks accidents. Contact the Law Offices of Sharona Hakim in Los Angeles County. Call 800-LAW-TALK (529-8255) or contact us online.

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