One Crash Sends Three Teens To The Hospital

May 18, 2016

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015, a single crash resulted in three people having to be taken to the hospital due to injuries sustained in the accident. The crash took place in the afternoon at approximately 3:40 p.m., in the eastbound lanes of Highway 1 at Highway 791.

The accident happened when a woman heading northbound on Highway 791 stopped at a stop sign, before proceeding into the intersection and being hit by another car. The second car, holding two 17-year-old male and female teenagers, had been proceeding eastbound on Highway 1 and, after crashing into the first vehicle, proceeded to then hit another vehicle, a truck also going eastbound on Highway 1. The accident caused the driver of the first vehicle and both teenagers to suffer injuries that necessitated a hospital visit. The male teenager received life-threatening injuries and had to be airlifted to the Foothills Medical Center, while the female teenager was taken to the same via a ground paramedic crew, suffering from serious but non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the first vehicle suffered only minor injuries and was taken to the Peter Laughed Center.

The RCMP is still investigating the accident, with the help of a collision reconstruction team, and has yet to determine and assign fault to anyone. Nevertheless, if one of the parties’ negligence is found to be the cause of the accident, the other parties may have the chance to recover their losses, such as property damage to their vehicles, unexpected medical expresses, etc.

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