Truck Crashes Into House, Sets It Ablaze And Kills Two

May 18, 2016

Accidents are never expected and can result in devastating consequences – in fact, a single moment can change people’s lives irrevocably. This was the case for a group of neighbors who watched and heard as a member of their community died in a fire.

In a close community in Caruthers, California, all neighbors were devastated by the death of one of their own. Reports started coming in on Monday, June 22, of a fire consuming a once beautiful 100-year-old home near West Avenue and Henderson Road.

The fire was caused by a truck careening into the house, causing an instant inferno, and it in itself careened out of control when the crash of the truck and the resulting damage to the home, raptured a gas line. Neighbors reported being jolted awake from the horrendous sound caused by the truck entering the home – they were all further frightened when several small explosions took place after the crash.

The driver of the truck died upon impact. The same could not unfortunately be said for the owner of the home in question. Long-time and well-liked community member Michelle Willis died not from the crash but from the subsequent fire. Neighbors were traumatized by the sounds of her pained screams, unable to help her due to the fire. Fortunately, no one else was injured. However, the California Highway Patrol has yet been unable to determine the cause of the crash.

Had the truck driver survived he would have likely been held liable for the crash. If this was the case, the family members of the decedent could have brought a case against the negligent party and would have likely been compensated for their pain and suffering.

Sharona Hakim

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