Motorcyclist Killed After Collision With Big-Rig

May 18, 2016

Thursday morning, July 16, 2015, saw the second fatal accident on Highway 46 West this week. Around 10:15 in the morning, three motorcyclists on the Highway 46 West, attempted to pass by the slower moving cars ahead.
They passed two vehicles by riding single-file into the eastbound lane, before returning to the westbound lane, and were forced to immediately hit their brakes in order to avoid colliding with a slow-moving semi-truck ahead. Unfortunately, while two of the motorcyclists were able to swerve to the right and avoid the truck, the third lost control of the motorcycle and crashed straight into the back of the big-rig.

The motorcycle rider was thrown clear off the bike and was pronounced dead at the scene. Due to colliding with the truck, his motorcycle spun out of control and hit one of the other motorcyclists, causing him to be thrown off his bike as well. Fortunately, the other motorcyclist survived the crash and was taken to the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center by an ambulance.
While the investigation is still ongoing, the California Highway Patrol has reported that drugs or alcohol are not suspected to have any involvement in the crash.

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