Sports Are Great: But Beware of Football Injuries

February 15, 2017

With football season  behind us, parents of teenage boys may be breathing a sigh of relief. players in this high-contact sport are always at risk of injuryWhether playing in an organized league, at school or college, or just in the backyard, . According to NCAA statistics, from 2004–2009 41,000 college athletes suffered injuries during games and team practices.

Football Injuries Can Hurt More Than Your Body

Not all injuries are preventable. Despite using helmets and shoulder pads, players can suffer concussions, spinal cord injuries, heat illness, and other catastrophic injuries. Even the most common injuries in football, knee sprains and tears, can be painful and wear the body down over time. These injuries can have lasting affects on a player’s football career. They will also affecting their health and life outside of the sport. For example, missed classes for surgery, doctor’s appointments, and physical therapy can cause students to fall behind in school. This can affect students’ job outlooks long-term, as serious injuries can lead students to drop out entirely or otherwise lower their career goals.

You Deserve Compensation for Football Injuries

Then come the medical bills. Not everyone can be on an NFL team with team physicians and a high salary. College teams can sometimes have help from the NCAA and their league, supplemented by the player’s own insurance. More commonly, students playing at school and kids playing at a local field are injured without a team to foot the bill. You may find yourself drowning in bills and confused by the insurance process. But when you are injured playing football, you should recover in both health and wealth.

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